Better late than never

It’s time to celebrate the “forgotten celebrations”


The last year has been a challenging one for everyone but by and large our communities are beginning to get back on an even keel.


And while it’s an exciting prospect to be able to meet with family and friends -  albeit still under some restrictions -  it’s likely that previous regulations caused us to miss out on getting together with loved ones for those all-important birthday, wedding or baptism celebrations over the last fourteen months or so.


What’s more, for some of us, two birthdays will have come around during lockdown effectively rendering any partying which took place in that time fairly low-key, possibly even reaching damp squib levels!

At The Victoria in Walshaw, Bury, we love nothing more than helping people come together to spend precious time as a family, and mark those pivitol life experiences.


It’s Party Time Again


Now that we’re regaining a certain amount of freedom we have an opportunity to recoup our losses in a social sense meaning that party time is very much back on the agenda!

It goes without saying that for most of us, socialising is essential to our happiness and wellbeing. After all, since time began celebrations have united human communities in honouring momentous events, rites of passage, religious observances and more.

And of course, facilitating those special occasions is part and parcel of what we offer at The Victoria.




A birthday is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a meal out as well as a few drinks-or better still-allow someone else to treat you! After months of physical distancing when this just wasn’t possible, seizing the well-deserved opportunity to dine out is completely justifiable. And there’s no washing up to do afterwards. Many of our regulars have missed out on celebrating key birthdays – from 18ths to 80ths – and so as restrictions ease, why not throw a “belated birthday” celebration?




Countless couples faced disappointment at having to put their wedding plans on hold due to lockdown. Those who did manage to arrange a ceremony may not have been able to bring family and friends together under one roof to celebrate before now. If that’s the case, then there’s no denying a retrospective nuptial party is called for right away! A first anniversary celebration is a fantastic way to share the excitement and emotion of the big day itself – our fantastic chefs can even create a belated wedding breakfast for you.



In normal times, by way of a welcome into the world, the arrival of a new baby often involves a baptism or naming ceremony followed by a party.

Parents of lockdown babies may well feel that their plans to mark such a significant milestone in their lives have been severely hampered in recent months.  Organising a get-together now might seem somewhat belated but the fact is, their little girl or boy still gets to be star of the show even if they’re not quite so tiny as before.




And it wasn’t only the happy times we weren’t able to observe as normal.

Paying our respects to friends or relatives who passed away during lockdown was especially difficult given limitations on the numbers of mourners who could safely gather in the same space.

Clearly people draw comfort from the presence of others following a death and that could not happen in the usual way. Choosing to hold an event in memory of the deceased now that restrictions have eased would allow those attending to express their sorrow communally and provide a proper send-off, raising a glass and reminiscing about happy times.



Celebrating as a group bestows a sense of belonging, something crucial to human fulfillment. From birthdays to funerals, there is no end to the celebrations of who we are, where we came from, what we’ve done, what we worship and even who or what we’ve lost.


It’s natural to feel that until lately, we’ve been denied the chance to party or perhaps to come together to honour the memory of a lost loved one person.

But it’s a case of better late than never-and there’s nowhere better to hold your overdue event than here with us at The Victoria.


*all events and gatherings held at The Victoria will be subject to strict social distancing guidelines.


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